Mario's Lab is my little experimental hide-out on the interwebs. I let my brain lose on technology and music, and summarize my findings here.

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Web graph

Kind of like a web ring, but cooler. Cause it's a graph!



A static website generator based on basis-template. This site was built with basis-site. You can find the source code of this site on GitHub.


A templating engine for the JVM. Similar to Jtwig, but a lot faster, more hackable, and with zero dependencies. Want to shoot yourself in the foot with a general purpose scripting language in your templates? Basis-template is for you!


A zero-dependency, magic free command line argument parsing and help text printing library for Java and other JVM languages.


libGDX is a Java cross-platform game development framework for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and HTML5-enabled browsers. I started it in 2010 as an innocent side project. Eventually it grew to one of the biggest OSS game development frameworks. And all of that in Java ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


gifski-java is a JNI wrapper around the C API for Gifski, a most excellent animated GIF encoding library. As with libimagequant-java, this was more of an exercise in using Docker as a cross-compilation platform than a coding challenge.

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