Mario's Lab is Mario Zechner's little experimental hide-out on the interwebs. I let my brain loose on technology and music, and summarize my findings here. You may know me from projects such as libGDX, Beginning Android Games, or RoboVM. If you are interested in any of these projecs, hop over to my old blog. Here you'll only read about my new endevours.

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Web graph

Kind of like a web ring, but cooler. Cause it's a graph!



A static website generator based on basis-template. This site was built with basis-site. You can find the source code of this site on GitHub.


A templating engine for the JVM. Similar to Jtwig, but a lot faster, more hackable, and with zero dependencies. Want to shoot yourself in the foot with a general purpose scripting language in your templates? Basis-template is for you!


A zero-dependency, magic free command line argument parsing and help text printing library for Java and other JVM languages.


libGDX is a Java cross-platform game development framework for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and HTML5-enabled browsers. I started it in 2010 as an innocent side project. Eventually it grew to one of the biggest OSS game development frameworks. And all of that in Java ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


gifski-java is a JNI wrapper around the C API for Gifski, a most excellent animated GIF encoding library. As with libimagequant-java, this was more of an exercise in using Docker as a cross-compilation platform than a coding challenge.

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