Mario's Lab is Mario Zechner's little experimental hide-out on the interwebs. I let my brain loose on technology and music, and summarize my findings here. You may know me from projects such as libGDX, Beginning Android Games, or RoboVM. If you are interested in any of these projecs, hop over to my old blog (archived). Here you'll only read about my new endevours.

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A JavaScript/TypeScript library to parse assembly code and generate an interactive control flow graph visualizaton from it. Powers "Mario's assembly CFG viewer".

Mario's assembly CFG viewer

Paste your (dis-)assembly in the right pane, view the control flow graph in the left pane. Best combined with Compiler Explorer.


The biggest, meanest bitmap font generator you've ever seen.


Recreating the tech that powered 90ies PC games with modern tools. Follow the series on this very blog, get the sources on GitHub, or try the demos in your browser.


A dirty old C++ raycasting "engine" for desktop and web.

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Web graph

Kind of like a web ring, but cooler. Cause it's a graph!